2019 Spring class list (Saturday morning)
Course code Description Time Teacher ClassroomClass sizeTuition+Book+Material
Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHL)
CHL-SS-K (3-5Yrs+) 幼儿汉语11:00-11:50amTeng QiRoom20512人99+0+20
CHL-SS-K (5Yrs+) New Shuangshuang Vol.19:00-10:50amYunhui ZhangRoom20312人199+0+20
CHL-SS-1st Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.2 11:00-12:40pmYunhui ZhangRoom20313人199+0+20
CHL-SS-2nd Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.3 9:00-10:50pmXiaoli HanRoom20515人199+0+20
CHL-SS-3rd Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.4 9:00-10:40amJeane WangRoom20115人199+0+20
CHL-SS-4th Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.5 10:50-12:30pmJeane Wang Room20115人199+0+20
CHL-SS-5th Grade (中国文化) Chinese Geography 中国地理常识11:00am-12:40pmHaiying WangRoom20216人199+30(立体地图)+10
CHL-SS-5th Grade (中国文化) Chinese Idiom Stories 中国成语故事 11:00am-12:40pmHaiying WangRoom20216人199+30(CD)+10
CHL-SS-6th Grade (中国文化) Chinese Myth and Legend中国神话故事 9:00-10:50pmHaiying WangRoom20216人199+30(CD)+10
AP Chinese AP Chinese Grade 8 and up9:00-10:50amYuqing TianRoom20616人330+0+20
Chinese as a Secondary Language (CSL)
For Children
CSL-Level K(5yrs+) My First Chinese Words9:00-10:50amTeng QiRoom20512人240+0+20
CSL-Level 1 My First Chinese Reader Vol.110:50-12:30pmTBARoom21015人240+0+20
CSL-Level 2 My First Chinese Reader Vol.212:40-2:20pmTBARoom21015人240+0+20
CSL-Level 3 My First Chinese Reader Vol.310:50-12:30pmTBARoom20915人240+0+20
CSL-Level 4 My First Chinese Reader Vol.49:00-10:40amTBARoom20915人240+0+20
CSL-Level 5 Discovering Chinese Pro.12:40-2:20pmTBARoom20915人240+0+20
For Adults
CSL-Level1 10:50-12:30TBARoom20916人220+0+10
Chinese Calligraphy(kids) 中国书法(少儿班)10:00-10:50am FeiRoom20912人160+0+10
Chinese Calligraphy(adults) 中国书法(成人班)11:00-11:50am FeiRoom20912人160+0+10
Chinese Dance (5-7yrs) 10:00-10:50am HaoGym (2nd floor)160+0+10
Chinese Dance (8ys+) 1 Hour11:00-12:00pm HaoGym (2nd floor)160+0+10
Chinese Painting 成人国画9:00-9:50am Lydia HwangRoom20412人130+0+15
Chinese Painting 儿童国画10:00-10:50am Lydia HwangRoom20412人130+0+15
Math and Enrichment
SAT/ACT Math (2hrs) SAT/ACT9:00-10:50am Shaoyun GuoRoom 207 280+0+20
Algebra 1 (Grades 5-6) Algebra 1 11:00-11:50am Shaoyun GuoRoom 207150+0+20
Geometry (Grades 6-7) Geometry 12:00-12:50pm Shaoyun GuoRoom 207150+0+20
Python for kids (8Yrs+) Python Intro 9:00-9:50amTBARoom20812人180+0+20
Robot&Blocks(4.5Yrs and under) Robot Level I 11:00-11:50pmTBARoom20812人130+(Robo&Block Kids Level 1)+20
Robot&Blocks(8Yrs+) Robot Level II 12:00-12:50pmTBARoom20812人130+(Robo Kit Level 1)+20