2020-2021 Spring Semester Class Schedule
Course code Description Saturday Sunday TeacherClass sizeTuition+Book+Material
Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHL)
CHL-SS-K (5Yrs+) New Shuangshuang Vol.19:00-10:30amHelen Zhang12人210+0+0
CHL-SS-1st Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.2 9:00-10:30amAmy Zhao12人210+0+0
CHL-SS-2nd Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.3 1:00-2:50pm June Yang12人210+0+0
CHL-SS-3rd Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.4 10:45-12:30pmNina Li12人210+0+0
CHL-SS-4th Grade New Shuangshuang Vol.5 10:45-12:30pmXiaohe Gong 12人210+0+0
CHL-SS-Chinese Culture (文化一) Chinese Geography (新版地理)9:00-10:50amHelen Zhang12人210+35+0
CHL-SS-Chinese Culture (文化一) Chinese Idiom Stories(新版成语)1:00-2:50pmHelen Zhang12人210+35+0
CHL-SS-Chinese Culture (文化二) Ancient Chinese Stories(新版古代故事) 1:00-2:50pmHelen Zhang12人210+35+0
CHL-SS-Chinese Culture (文化二) Chinese Myth and Legend (新版神话故事)2021 Fall9:00am-10:40pmTBA12人210+35+0
Chinese as a Secondary Language (CSL)
For Children
CSL-Level 1 5Yr+9:00-10:30amAmy Shaw12人280+0+0
CSL-Level 2 Grade 3+10:50-12:30pmTBA15人280+0+0
CSL-Level 3 Grade 5+1:00-2:50pmYou Shen15人280+0+0
Chinese Culture
Chinese Painting 儿童国画10:30-11:20Peikun Zhu12人150+0+0
Chinese Painting 成人国画9:30-10:20Peikun Zhu12人150+0+0
Chinese Calligraphy 中国书法(成人班)9:00-9:50Jianfeng Fei12人150+0+0
Tai Chi 太极8:30-9:20amHongchao Zhang12人150+0+0
Chinese Kungfu 中华武术 9:30-10:20am Hongchao Zhang12人150+0+0
Math and Enrichment
SAT/ACT Math (2hrs) SAT/ACT 数学(14 sessions) 9:00-10:50am Dr.Allen Moy 8人300+0+0
Singapore Math Grade 3 3A(14 sessions)1:00-1:50pm Nina Li12人140+0+0
Singapore Math Grade 4 4A(14 sessions)2:00-2:50pmNina Li12人140+0+0
Singapore Math Grade 5 5A(14 sessions)3:00-3:50pmNina Li12人140+0+0